Simple ways to add shade to your patio

It can be scorching in Oklahoma’s summers, and the glare of the sun can put a damper on the fun outdoor activities you have planned with your family. We know you want to enjoy your patio furniture all year long, so we’ve put together some quick tips for adding shade... Read More

Prepping your patio for summer fun

As spring transitions to summer, now is the perfect time to spruce up your patio. If you’ve read our guide to cleaning patio furniture, you’re all set to take your patio to the next level for summer time fun. You don’t have to completely make over your backyard to make... Read More

Salt water pools and your patio furniture

Saltwater pools are increasingly common in backyards around Oklahoma City, and it’s easy to see why. The chemicals are less harsh, and the effects on a swimmer’s skin are minimized. Randy Dumont, owner of Emerald Springs Spas in Bethany, explains that the water in a salt water pool is just... Read More

Outdoor lighting

Warm summer evenings are perfect for sitting out on the patio, watching the sun bathe your yard in golden light. What happens when the sun goes down? Without the right lighting, your perfect outdoor space disappears, swallowed up by the encroaching night. We believe in enjoying your patio as far... Read More

Oklahoma City Patio Gardening

You have two basic options for sprucing up your patio with plants – you can plant in the ground around your hardscape, or you can bring plants onto your patio with container gardening. Planting in the ground is simple, and preserves all of your patio space for furniture, an outdoor... Read More

Keeping pets and pests from damaging your patio furniture

Spring has sprung, and you’ll be spending more time outside, enjoying your outdoor furniture. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year we see more activity from pests like squirrels. It’s also likely your pets will see more outside time during the spring and summer season, and all of these... Read More

Delivery of your outdoor furniture

We make no secret of the fact that we sell some of the best patio furniture in the world. We’re even prouder of the service we provide our customers. We’ve been serving Edmond and Oklahoma City for more than two decades, and we’ve put our products in the homes of... Read More

Spring Patio Cleaning

Beat the Winter Blues Well, even though Punxsutawney Phil said there will be six more weeks of winter weather, it doesn’t seem to apply here in Oklahoma, so as you get the fever for getting your outdoor area ready for spring living, let’s remove those covers and jump in to... Read More

Tips For Small Patio Spaces

A small patio is no reason not to have a great space to sit, relax with friends, or eat a meal outside. If you’re looking for the best way to maximize your space, take a look at these tips. Eliminate wasted space. Make sure the placement of your furniture doesn’t... Read More

Easy Backyard games to play with your family

Not much is better on these spring days than getting the family together for some quality backyard time. The weather is warming up and a fun backyard game can bring everyone together for some quality family time. If you’ve been stuck inside all winter playing board games and watching movies,... Read More