Centerpieces for a patio party

Everyone loves a good party, and the end of storm season means the arrival of party season. Hosting guests outside can be tricky – not everything in your home is designed to stand up to the elements. One easy way to spruce up your outdoor furniture for a party is by pulling together a fun and easy centerpiece. A centerpiece designed to complement the colors of your cushions and pillows, doesn’t require digging deep for your hidden Martha Stewart – great designs can be made simply and elegantly, without much fuss.

The easiest centerpiece is a simple classic – fresh flowers in a vase. It’s easy to stop into the floral department of your nearby grocery store – Homeland is known around Oklahoma City for their selection – and pick up freshly cut flowers, or full arrangements.

Another easy centerpiece is a basket filled with fresh fruits. Choose fruit that will stand up well to the heat, and whose colors highlight the existing décor of your patio.

The Plant Shoppe, on Sheridan in downtown Oklahoma City, suggests succulents in wooden or concrete planters as an easy way to get live plants into your decorating scheme. Succulents are hardy, and well-suited to outdoor life. They’re exceptionally tough, and being outside will give them the sunlight they need to thrive. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for centerpieces of varying heights.

Another easy approach is to have a nursery or garden center custom pot one of your favorite plants. TLC Garden Centers offers a custom potting service at both of their OKC locations. Ask about aquatic plants as well – many homeowners find aquatic plants easy to care for in glass vases, and their underwater roots create interesting shapes.

An alternative to live aquatic plants is to submerge fresh blooms in water in cylindrical vases. The water filling the vase acts just like a magnifying glass, highlighting the beauty of the flowers. You’ll need a way to keep them submerged, such as using small rocks in the bottom of the vase to hold them down.