Fall Patio Guide

After spending all summer outdoors, it’s hard to say goodbye to patio living. At JC Swanson’s, we are lovers of the patio lifestyle and hate to say goodbye to relaxing days and evenings spent on the back porch. If you’re like us and just hate to say goodbye to your beautiful outdoor space, here is a complete guide to extending the life of your patio long into cooler autumn days.


The change in seasons is the perfect time to clean your patio and prep it for the upcoming cooler weather months. If you’ve read out guides for spring cleaning your patio to prepping it for summer weather, you’ll know the importance of caring for your outdoor space through every season. While you might not be outside as often in the fall and winter, it is important to preserve the cleanliness of your patio furniture and create a space that will be ready to go come springtime.

The first step in prepping your patio for autumn weather is to deep clean all your patio furniture. After several months of poolside days, hot summer sun, bug spray, lotions, and the daily outdoor dirt and dust we let our patio furniture endure…your patio set is in prime condition for a deep clean. Follow this guide to give your furniture a deep clean.

After your furniture is cleaned up and ready to a new season, make sure the rest of your patio is in prime shape as well. For a deep clean, start by removing everything from your patio, picking up any trash, sweeping away dust and dirt, and hosing down the area. If you have any trouble spots, scrub them with 1 cup of dish soap and 1 gallon of water, then rinse away the soap suds when your patio is shining.



We reached out one of Oklahoma City’s favorite craft and design bloggers, Heather Dean of The Deans List Blog, to discover new ways to add fall
decor to your outdoor space with style and functionality. Here are three of her favorite tips and tricks when getting your patio ready for Oklahoma’s mild autumn months:

Add Some Cozy 

Update your furniture with only a few new accents – and likely some that you already own!  The weather won’t be getting too cold anytime soon, so a light blanket will be the perfect addition for relaxation on those cool fall evenings. Add a few soft pillows to your outdoor space to keep it extra comfortable and inviting for your guests. Simple lighting like lanterns, candles, and string lights help bring the entire space together and give your outdoor space a cozy and relaxing vibe. If you have the space, add a fire pit to keep warm on those almost-too-cold nights.


Just like you would decorate the inside of your home for the seasons, decorate your outdoor space for fall. Whether you have a side table, dinner table, or a fireplace; spend some time bringing the warm colors of leaves and rich pumpkins to your outdoor space by adding your favorite swags, garlands and wreaths! Don’t forget about creating small vignettes on your tables with fall-colored candles, flowers, and interesting pottery.


There’s no better way to bring in fall than sharing your outdoor space with your closest friends, family and neighbors! The cool nights and the crisp fall air brings the perfect time to rekindle friendships after a long, hot summer – and what better way to do that than to host an intimate get together in your fall space? Use a bar cart or small table to serve your favorite warm drinks and fall inspired snacks readily available – and get ready to play catch-up with your close friends!