How to Host a Basketball Watch Party

He shoots, he scores! The weather has cooled off and basketball season is in full swing here in Oklahoma. Once you have turned your outdoor space into a fully equipped entertainment center, all it takes is a small amount of planning to create a backyard oasis for watching basketball (or your sport of choice.) If you can’t make it to your favorite court for the next game, throw a backyard watch party for all your friends and soak up the season’s cooler weather.

Trouble Shoot

The key to a perfect party is to anticipate any trouble spots and solve problems before they arise. One easy way to do this before throwing a watch party is to test-run your audio and video equipment before the big day. If it’s been a few weeks since you’ve enjoyed watching television outside, run your equipment and clean the screen from any dirt or dust that may have settled on it. If you’ll be rearranging your patio seating for the event, be sure to adjust your speakers to properly fill the area where your guests will be seated. A five minute check-up on your equipment will save you time and keep you from fiddling with speaker arrangements or dusting the television screen on game day.

Set the Ambiance

Throwing a patio party in the cooler months is a different ball game (pun intended) than a summer pool party. As the weather cools down, keep your guests warm with a stylish fire pit. Arrange seating around your outdoor fire pit, while also adding ambiance with candles throughout your space. If the weather is especially chilly, don’t forget to provide your guests with an assortment of warm blankets to wrap around their shoulders as they cheer and enjoy the game.

Game-Day Foods

Save your salads and lighter-fare foods for another day, game day is the time to pull out your favorite comfort foods to satisfy hunger as well as warm your guests. Hearty chilis, soups, stews, and pastas are great crowd-pleasers, and easy when made in a crockpot. Be sure to prepare enough food for seconds (or thirds!) and have a way to keep it warm in the cooler winter air.

Hosting an outdoor  watch party is one of the simplest events you can plan since your guests will be focused on the game for the majority of the evening. With an impressive outdoor entertainment area, comfortable seating, a warm environment, and really good food…whether your team wins or loses, you’ll know you threw a winning patio party!