Keeping pets and pests from damaging your patio furniture

Squirrel-300x199Spring has sprung, and you’ll be spending more time outside, enjoying your outdoor furniture. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year we see more activity from pests like squirrels. It’s also likely your pets will see more outside time during the spring and summer season, and all of these animals can do damage to your patio furniture.

Patio pest control

Ah, squirrels. They seem cute – after all, Ranger Rick was a squirrel, as was Rocky, from Rocky and Bullwinkle. They’re a staple on many college campuses, and associate them with autumn. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the most irritating and destructive pests common in urban areas.

To get a handle on the local wildlife and prevent damage to your outdoor furniture especially during the spring and fall months, we recommend minimally placing your back cushions down onto the seat cushions of your chairs, sofas or chaises as squirrels and birds like to sit on top of the frames of the furniture and then scratch and dig out the inner material of the cushions for their nests.  An additional recommendation is to use a protective cover from our umbrella company, Treasure Garden. These tough covers will minimize threats from squirrels and other nesting pests and offer the added benefit of protection from the elements. These protective covers are available in a number of different sizes for all your outdoor furniture.

Keeping a squirrel feeder in the yard, far from your patio furniture, can provide them with distraction, and trimming your trees so they can’t easily jump from limb to furniture can help deter them as well.

Keep pets at bay

Like us, we love our dogs, and cats, but they, too, can do a number on both  the cushions and the frames of your patio furniture. It’s best to keep an eye on them when they’re around your outdoor seating. If you can’t be with them when they are outside, consider creating a barrier between them and your furniture as, if left to their bored or curious minds, pets can cause damage by clawing or chewing, neither of which is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.