OKC’s Sunshine and Your Patio Furniture

Spring time is almost upon us, which means as the weather warms up we’re to spending more time than ever outside. We’re all familiar with the risks of sun exposure, but did you know those same rays which are a danger to your skin are working on your patio furniture?

Oklahoma City has more than 230 sunny days every year – almost a month more than the national average. It’s important, if you’re going to buy patio furniture here in Oklahoma City, that you know what to look for in your furniture’s UV resistance. Lesser-quality outdoor furniture exhibits damage from UV rays in two ways: fading, and structural weakening.


The easiest place to spot sun damage is in fading of the fabric in your seat cushions or umbrella. The least-sturdy fabrics on the market have their designed printed on them – their ink sits at the surface of the fabric, and if it fades, your design is irretrievably impacted. Fabrics in this quality range are often left untreated, with no protection from the elements, including the intense Oklahoma sun.

When you shop for fabrics for your patio furniture, you’ll hear some words which may be unfamiliar: olefin, polyester, and solution-dyed acrylic. If you want the longest life and most vibrant hues, choose a solution-dyed acrylic fabric. This fabric is woven from strands of acrylic who color penetrates all the way through the yarn. Unlike fabrics whose dye sits only on the surface, these yarns are highly uv-resistant, while still being soft and pleasant to sit on.

Structural integrity

Heat and radiation can both have an impact on the strength of your patio furniture if it hasn’t been well cared for. It’s easy to overlook the sun’s power to damage metal and wood, and most damage occurs to furniture that wasn’t properly prepared to be in the sun.

Wooden furniture, in particular, can swell and shrink due to changes in humidity and temperature, and the sun’s drying effect can cause cracking. The sun can also cause unfinished wood to change color over time.

You’ll find that the wooden furniture we sell has been treated with uv-protective sealer, or paint, which is an effective and efficient light and moisture barrier.

Metal furniture is less susceptible to damage from the sunlight, and can be protected by a light application of automobile polish with uv blockers.

Choosing the right patio furniture

We know the options for frame styles, fabrics, and materials seems endless, and we’re here to help provide clarity and unite you with your perfect outdoor furniture. If you know where your patio furniture will be, and how much sun it will see – all day sun, most of the day sun, or only part of the day – we can help you select the right combination of structure and fabric for your perfect back yard. Don’t let the Oklahoma City sunshine get between you and the right patio furniture. Come by and see us today.