Prepping your patio for summer fun

String-Lights-by-auhnlxAs spring transitions to summer, now is the perfect time to spruce up your patio. If you’ve read our guide to cleaning patio furniture, you’re all set to take your patio to the next level for summer time fun.

You don’t have to completely make over your backyard to make your outdoor space more luxurious. You’ve already invested in the best patio furniture available in Oklahoma City, now it’s time to undertake a few small tweaks that will deliver the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Of course, we think the perfect upgrade to any patio is a natural gas or propane-fueled fire pit. Fire pits are an easy way to elevate your space, transforming it into an elegant, attractive area for socializing and relaxing.

String lights top our list of fun, easy patio upgrades. From small bulbs (like the familiar Christmas tree lights) to larger, more prominent bulbs, string lights are beautiful, ethereal upgrades to any patio space. Paper lanterns lend an even more sophisticated touch.

Industrial string lights have a rugged appeal, and are designed to weather the elements. They can also be found in vintage styles with a European flair.

For additional color, you might consider adding some new plants to your patio. We’ve compiled a great list of them in our patio plants guide, and it’s easy to build or buy a great planter.  Martha Stewart has a great tutorial for hypertufa pots – a type of planter made of artificial stone. This custom planter will be unique to you and your space.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on project, you can revamp the look of your patio by staining the concrete with a masonry stain. You can buy stain that is resistant to pool chemicals, and which won’t be harmed by the sun. Most stains can be tinted to the hue of your choice – we recommend a warm, rich brown for a luxurious feel.

Finally, you can add a feeling of completeness to your outdoor space by clearly the defining the areas’ boundaries. Create visual cues by placing an outdoor rug under your seating area, separating it from your outdoor kitchen, or other space. This will make your outdoor living areas feel more finished and refined.