Salt water pools and your patio furniture

Saltwater pools are increasingly common in backyards around Oklahoma City, and it’s easy to see why. The chemicals are less harsh, and the effects on a swimmer’s skin are minimized. Randy Dumont, owner of Emerald Springs Spas in Bethany, explains that the water in a salt water pool is just slightly less salty than a teardrop, and has about 3,000 parts per million (salt to water ratio). Using a salt system softens the water, which in turn feels better on the skin.

Why all this talk about pools and tubs on blog about patio furniture? We find many of our customers are putting their patio furniture around or near their pool, and salt water swimming pools have a distinct corrosive ability, especially when it comes to aluminum and wrought iron furniture.

Aluminum patio furniture has been used for many years in places where humidity is high – it’s highly resistant to moisture, and won’t rust. Prolonged exposure to salt, however, can present a serious challenge to aluminum.

We recommend a few easy steps to keep your metal furniture looking its best in the presence of salty air. Don’t keep your cast aluminum or iron furniture so close to the pool that water splashes on to it. Rinse off your patio furniture regularly, to keep any salt in the environment or off your body from sticking to the metal. Try to avoid getting out of the pool and going directly to your patio furniture. This flood of salt water will necessitate more regular rinsing and cleaning.

Rubbing your metal furniture with an automobile polish will help keep the frame from suffering from salt water exposure. Manufacturer Brown Jordan recommends this kind of treatment two or three times each year to prolong the life of your furniture.

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