Simple ways to add shade to your patio

umbrella-283x300It can be scorching in Oklahoma’s summers, and the glare of the sun can put a damper on the fun outdoor activities you have planned with your family. We know you want to enjoy your patio furniture all year long, so we’ve put together some quick tips for adding shade to your patio. Each one will help make your back yard a retreat from your busy life, while keeping you out of the harshness of the sun.

Add an umbrella

An umbrella is the simplest way to add shade to your patio, concentrating that shade on your patio furniture. Umbrellas come in two types – cantilevered and market.

We recommend the market umbrellas coupled with a sturdy umbrella base. We stock Treasure Garden umbrellas in a variety of sizes, frame colors and canopies in the most trusted name in outdoor fabrics, Sunbrella, to keep you and your guests comfortable while enjoying your outdoor living areas.

Why do we choose Sunbrella (the biggest name in outdoor fabrics) and Outdura fabrics over olefins and polyester and prints? Sunbrella and Outdura fabrics are woven, solution dyed acrylic yarns, which is why they keep their color longer and why they can be cleaned with a mild soap and bleach solution. Sunbrella applies a 303 protectant solution (like the familiar Scotchguard) on the fabric at the factory, which is why the fabrics repel the weather. Olefin and polyester yarns turn scratchy and tear after a short time of being in the sun and prints begin fading within the first month.

Plant your shade

Planting trees and tall bushes around the perimeter of your patio will block low rays from the early morning and late evening sun, and can be a welcome relief during those periods of the day when overhead shade isn’t what you need.

In pots, these plants can be moved around your outdoor living space to provide shade exactly where you need it, when you need it.

Install a pergola

A more dramatic approach to shade is the classic pergola. Traditionally built from wood, these structures can be equipped with a shade cloth or sail, and can provide shade for your entire patio at one time. A pergola can be designed by any local landscape design firm, and pergola shades are easily ordered online.

Whatever you decide for your shade needs, getting the right coverage from the sun can make your patio a pleasant and refreshing place to spend time, no matter how high the mercury climbs.